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HelpDesk Offline

Helpdesk is Offline

Our HelpDesk is currently offline due to maintenance.  We appologize for the inconvenience.  You can still submit your change requests to:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Welcome to Boxcar Information Services LLC.

We provide affordable, scalable website options for the small business or non-profit.

Helpdesk Instructions

Here are some helpful instructions on how to use our helpdesk software.  

At this time, you can submit requests for the following Products:

  • Website Content Update Requests

    • Normal - 5 Day Response
    • Rush - *Fees May Apply*
    • Urgent: Business Impact - *Fees May Apply*

If you have a website maintenance agreement with us or are on one of our Managed Content Services plans, you can use our helpdesk to submit content changes to your website.  Normal content changes require a 5-day turn around, so please ensure to submit your requests early enough so that the change implementations can be scheduled for accordingly.  Any Rush requests may incur additional charges as well as any Immediate Response Requests.  If you have questions, please contact us at 888-400-2147.

To Submit a Request:

You must first be logged into our website with the ID and Password you were provided.  If you were not provided an account, or do not have your account details, please contact us here and let us know you are in need of your account information.  

  1. Click on the 'Client Center' menu at the top of the page.
  2. Click the 'Submit New Request' link.
  3. Select your Product - Either 'Web Content Update' or 'IT Services'
  4. Enter your name, organization, and phone number.
  5. Select the type of change: 'Add New Content', Change Existing Content', or 'Fix a Problem'.
  6. Select 'Priority'
  7. Enter a Request Title and fill out the Description field with the type of update you need or incident request you wish to report.  Ensure you are thorough in your description.  List any relevant details like Website Page Location, or if an IT Request, list the PC location, O/S, and other relevant data.
  8. Click 'Create New Ticket'.

To Update a Request:

  1. Under 'Client Center' click 'View Open Tickets'
  2. Select the Request you wish to Update.
  3. Click on 'Post Reply' to append to the case log. 
  4. Click 'Post Reply'.

Requests by Email:

You can also submit requests to us via email (The request address will be provided to you) and they will be logged into the helpdesk system automatically.  However, the requests must be sent from the same email address as listed in our system.  So, we'll need to ensure we create user accounts for any potential 'requestors' you may have.  The initial priority of email requests are set as 'Normal - 5 Day Response' and will not be able to display any rush or immediate response selections.  Therefore, if you have an immediate response need or rush job, please open the case directly from our website.  If for some reason you cannot access our website and must submit via email,  please be sure to denote in the subject line: "RUSH" or "Immediate Response".  

*NOTICE:  When you send an email, it is very important that you don't forward an existing email to the inbox. The helpdesk tool will only input the data from the last response in that email and will also not import any attachments from a forwarded email. Therefore, if you are submitting a request via email, please ensure that you create a new email and copy/paste any relevant information into the body of the new email.  Otherwise, please consider creating a request directly into the helpdesk system.

Email Updates & Case Logs:

You will be notified of any changes made to a case via email.  In addition, if you reply to any automated message via email, your response will be updated into the Case Log automatically as long as you do not remove the subject line Tag that references the Case Number.  The Tag looks like this: [TKT-00000##] Where the ## denotes the Case Number.

Remote Support

Please select the button below to install the Team Viewer remote support tool.

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